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Learn About the Debt Settlement Process and if You Qualify.

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Sued By the Bank?

We Defend Credit Card & Debt Collection Lawsuits. Free Consultation.

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Debt Settlement & Collection Defense Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona

Tired of worrying about debt?  Let us help you get out of debt once and for all.  We can negotiate a settlement of your debts without the need for bankruptcy and defend you if you’ve been sued.

What is an Attorney Negotiated Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is the process of negotiating for a significant reduction in your debts, helping you to settle the debts without bankruptcy.  For some of our clients, this may be the most appropriate way to deal with their debt problems.  In a debt settlement approach, we can defend you if you have been sued by a creditor.  And if you have valid defenses to the debt, we will assert your defenses in court to protect your rights.

An attorney negotiated debt settlement works best for those with a source of income or access to funds that could be used to settle the debt.  We have settled numerous debts for clients at a fraction of the balance claimed by the creditor.

Credit Card & Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense

Credit Card DebtIf you’ve been sued by a bank, credit card company, third-party debt buyer or other creditor, we can help.  It is urgent that you contact an attorney right away because your time to respond to such a lawsuit is very limited.  Failure to adequately respond & defend a debt collection lawsuit can result in a default judgment against you that paves the way to garnishment and other collection actions.

We know how to defend debt collection lawsuits.  We perform a thorough analysis to determine if you have viable defenses to the lawsuit, which might include statute of limitations issues, payment or other satisfaction of the alleged debt, erroneous contracts and paperwork, assignment errors and many other defenses.  Our firm understands your legal rights in a collection lawsuit and we use the law to protect our clients’ interests.

If You Are Struggling with Debt, We Can Help.

Here are just some of the many types of debt we can help resolve:

We offer a free consultation with attorney Andrew Lynch to see if you are a candidate for our debt negotiation services, or whether bankruptcy would be a better option.  Call 602-761-5900.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

If debt settlement is not appropriate for you, we will discuss your bankruptcy options.  We can help you determine if you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or if you would need to file under another chapter, like Chapter 13.  Our bankruptcy laws are very powerful and can be the most appropriate solution for some clients.

Bankruptcy may be appropriate for you if you have lost a job or have a reduced income.

Unbiased Debt Advice

When you come into our office, we know you are under a lot of stress.  You have likely been dealing with creditors and debt related problems for months, if not years. During our free consultation, you will find a knowledgeable and sympathetic attorney who will actually listen to your concerns and take the time to understand your particular situation.

We have no bias about debt settlement versus bankruptcy.  Some attorneys will try to squeeze clients into one or the other, depending on the type of practice they have.  But we do both debt settlement and bankruptcy.  And we are experienced in defending debt lawsuits.  So we offer even-handed advice and practical, straight-forward solutions.  You can rest assured that you will leave our free consultation with a thorough understanding of your options.

Here Are 3 Important Reasons to Choose The Lynch Law Firm:

  • You’ll Be Represented by Andrew Lynch, Not Passed Off.
  • Communication & Technology. We Answer Calls & Emails Promptly.
  • Fair & Reasonable Fees with Flexible Payment Options, including Flat Fees.

Call or email for a free confidential consultation.

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